DEKONTA Poland offers remediation of soil and water environment using the biotechnological method EX SITU and IN SITU with the use of bacteria spreading pollution.

Our scope of work:

Remediation ex-situ:

  • soil reclamation
  • Professional supervision over the work
  • Transport in accordance with the obtained decisions
  • Neutralization and recovery of contaminated soil on remeidation plate

Remediation ex-situ onsite:

  • Design and execution of bioremediation plates
  • Bioremediation of land
  • Supervision of the purification process

Remediation in-situ:

  • Two-phase systems
  • Bioremediation of soil and water
  • Mechanical and chemical aeration
  • Pumping and purifying water
  • Container installation of waste water treatment plants

Eliminating the effects of communication failures – remediation

Before we start the remediation work, a proper decision must be made to allow remediation work. The decision is made by the Regional Director for Environmental Protection.

The work-ex-situ-surface-contamination
The work-ex-situ-surface-contamination
Ex-situ work - excavation
Ex-situ work - excavation