Prace ex situ - załadunek na samochody


We offer remediation of soil and water environment using the method of EX SITU and IN SITU. This is biotechnological method (EX SITU and IN SITU) with the use of bacteria spreading pollution.


Environmental protection

We offer diagnosis and assessment of soil-water environment, to assess the risks associated with the need to bring soil and water to the required standards.

Wiercenia i pobór prób na terenie nowej linii METRA Warszawa

Geotechnical and geological engineering

We offer geotechnical opinions and documentation of groundwater and geological-engineering documentation.



We have a lot of professionals with many years of experience. They have great knowledge of hydrogeology issues. We can do: monitoring holes (piezometers), water sampling or laboratory analysis of water samples.



Dekonta offers a more competitive and unique portfolio for your waste gas treatment.